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Management has many problems such as start-up, company establishment, difficult accounting processing, payment of taxes, construction of internal control system, accounting audit etc.
Yasunaga Firm is a professional field specialist essential for the business              as a solution provider that will prepare a good service to solve the problems.

Accounting Services


・Support for Preparation of Financial and Statements and Consolidated Financial     


・Support for Preparation of Cash Flow Statements

・Support for Preparation of English-Based Financial Statements

・Support for Preparation of Annual Reports

・Support for Preparation of Reporting Packages Parent Companies Overseas

Consulting Services

Support for Formation of a New Company

・Support for Creation of Internal Controls

・Support for Response of External Audit

・Forensic Audit (Support for Fraud Accounting Investigation)


Tax services

Preparation of Corporate Tax returns

・Preparation of Consumption Tax returns

・Preparation of Individual Tax returns

・Preparation of Inheritance Tax returns

・Consultation for Tax Related Issues (International Taxation、Tax Treaties)


Faculty of Economics, The University of Nagasaki


  ・Certified Public Accountant (Japan) 2012

・Enrolled Agent (US)    2018

Work Experience 

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu   2008~2017

Hongo Tsuji Tax & Consulting  2017~2018

Seikan Yasunaga

・Certified Tax Accountant (Japan)    2018

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International Call:81-80-4310-0688


(9:00 a.m.~6:00 p.m.)


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