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Management has many problems such as start-up, company establishment, difficult accounting processing, payment of taxes, construction of internal control system, accounting audit etc.
Yasunaga Firm is a professional field specialist essential for the business              as a solution provider that will prepare a good service to solve the problems.

Service fee

・Corporate tax support in English from 30,000 yen per month

・Sole proprietorship tax support in English from 20,000 yen per month

・Individual income tax support for real estate rental income in English from 50,000 yen

・Individual income tax support for real estate transfer income in English from 100,000 yen

・Individual income tax support for Capital gain in English from 100,000 yen

・Consultation of International tax in English from 30,000 yen ,etc.

 I will provide an Estimate based on your tax situation.


Accounting Services in Japan

・Support for Preparation of Financial and Statements and Consolidated Financial     


・Support for Preparation of Cash Flow Statements

・Support for Preparation of English-Based Financial Statements

・Support for Preparation of Annual Reports

Tax services in Japan

Preparation of Corporate Tax returns

・Preparation of Consumption Tax returns

・Preparation of Individual Tax returns

・Preparation of Inheritance Tax returns

・Consultation for Tax Related Issues (International Taxation、 Tax Treaty)

Representative Profile


Faculty of Economics, The University of Nagasaki


  ・Certified Public Accountant (Japan)  【2012~】

・Enrolled Agent (US)    【2018~2021】

Work Experience 

・有限責任監査法人トーマツ  2008~2017

・Certified Tax Accountant (Japan)     【2018~】

・辻本郷税理士法人  2017~2018

Seikan Yasunaga


【Business hours】9:30 a.m.~5:00 p.m.


【Inquiry Form】 You can contact us at any time by using Inquiry Form.


I am able to contact  you by Chatwork or Zoom or Skype .

Office Location

・3-2-5 Maizuru, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka-City​, Fukuoka Prefucture

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